Lavender Sugar Scrub

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Enjoy a spa like experience with this lavender sugar scrub.  It utilizes simple ingredients to exfoliate and hydrate while leaving a relaxing aroma of lavender. Countless others have enjoyed it and we know you will to.

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Enjoy a spa like experience at home with our Lavender Sugar Scrub.  It is homemade to not only please your senses, but also help you naturally get rid of dead skin, while simultaneously moisturizing your feet, legs and/or hands. Our sugar scrub consists of only the finest essentials such as Pure Cane Sugar mingling, Virgin Coconut Oil, olive oil, and a splash of Lavender.  No artificial colors or fragrances. No preservatives. Only the best!

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To Use Your Lavender Sugar Scrub

Apply a generous amount of the lavender sugar scrub to your hands, legs or feet and rub in a small circular pattern. Spend a little extra time on the areas with the roughest skin to ensure the best results. It may also be helpful to use a washcloth or pumices stone to truly refresh all of your skin and refresh even the most damaged areas. When done, rinse with warm water.

1 review for Lavender Sugar Scrub

  1. ghardy

    Smells yummy and leaves my hands and feet feeling fresh!

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