Gift Baskets

gift basket

We offer custom gift baskets that are made to order. Simply contact us, and we’ll work with you to make the perfect basket. You can choose from any of our products to create a personalized gift that not only smells good but is gentle on the skin as well.


Lavender Sugar Scrub

Our lavender sugar scrub provides your hands and feet a spa experience. It exfoliates and hydrates, while leaving the relaxing effects of lavender essence. To use, simply massage on hands and feet. Wash when done. Learn more about our Lavender Sugar Scrub

Cold Busters

natural decongestant

These tablets are great for showers and boiling on the stove. They are effused with eucalyptus for a natural antiseptic and decongestant.  It also contains witch-hazel to naturally soothe your body back to health. To use, simply drop a tablet into your shower and inhale the natural decongestant. Learn more about our Cold Busters Natural Cold Remedy.


natural soap

We make our soap with glycerine. It is infused with the best of nature. Our current feature lines are: pomelo and prickly pear. Pomelo is offers gentle citrus smell, while the prickly pear has more of a natural earthy scent. Learn more about our soaps.

Granite Cleaner

Our granite cleaner is made with minimal ingredients to cut out unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. It is made to sanitize, clean, and get your house smelling fresh and tidy, while keeping your granite safe from chemicals and acids. Learn more about our Granite Cleaner.

Wood Polish

This wood polish not only leaves your wood shiny, dust free, and ready to repel new dust, but it also is made with only the most wholesome ingredients. This means your house is clean without harsh chemical, preservatives, and other things you wouldn’t want your pet or child sticking in their mouth. Learn more about our Wood Polish.