Painting Filing Cabinet: How to Personalize It

Painting filing cabinets can really change a room. We did painted ours because the original just did not fit our style. Our filing cabinet looked something like this:

painting filing cabinet

Ok here’s the best picture I found of it, yes I need to plan better

painting filling cabinet

As you can see, I already had the shelf going on top. Super classy, so I researched a bit and got my hubby on board. Together we created this:


how to paint filing cabinet

How to Paint a Filing Cabinet and Make It into Furniture:

Go to your local paint store and pick your color. I think we found this at Lowe’s. You will need 3-5 cans. You want to make sure you really coat it well. Before you paint, tape inside the drawer. We did the whole face excluding the back, meaning the edges. This makes it so that you can’t see a crack of white when looking at it. The tape line will also make it more professional and clean looking. Make sure to paint it on something you don’t mind getting the color you paint. Big, heavy pieces tend to be a bit messier.  As for the wood frame, a big sheet of wood cut to size would be easiest. We opted for gluing together planks of wood (1x4s I believe). This filing cabinet was done with an oil instead of a stain. They tend to be a little easier and they turn out so warm. Also add feet. You can find them at your local hardware store, and they make all the difference. Best of luck in your file cabinet transformation! Remember creativity is fun (even when projects turn frustrating)!

how to paint filing cabinet