Maravilla Princess Market

Natural Fun at a Small Venue: Maravilla Scottsdale

There is definitely natural perks to a small venue. We had fun at the Maravilla Scottsdale. Although it was a small venue, we had success selling lots of our cold busters. They are a natural cold remedy to use in the shower. We also sold lots of natural wood polish. They are great for not only polishing your wood, but also help to condition your hands while cleaning. We also introduced a new line of baskets that include sugar scrub, cold remedies, cleaners, and all of our other great natural spa products. These can also be made to order, so if you are looking for a custom made basket full of natural cleaning and/or spa products send us an email. We look forward to making sure all of our customers are happy! We also introduced tub teas and bath salts. Fun ways to help you relax after a hard day.



It was not only great to meet all the great folks in the community but also do a little shopping of our own and meet other great vendors. We look forward to our next adventure at a market selling all of our wonderful, natural cleaning and spa products. We will keep you posted on the location and time. Hope to see you there!